DANCE INSTRUCTION.......GETTING STARTED (on the right foot!!)


Dance is a language, and learning to dance is very similar to learning how to speak in a foreign tongue. First you learn to alphabet, then small simple words, followed by short easy sentences. It takes practice and coaching to speak fluently, but the end result is a skill crafted for a lifetime of new adventure, interaction and connection with others!! 417-689-4141 or!
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Group classes are fun!! To maximize group class learning we progress everything over the course of a set number of weeks. The dynamics within a group setting make learning fun, meeting new people easy, and learning from watching others a plus too. Group classes meet once per week over the course of a session and are a great way to get introduced to the world of dance, and other people as well. Ideally I would love all my private students to also take part in a group class occasionally, and all my group students to be in private lessons as well, but everyone has their own goals for dance, as well as schedules, budgets etc. Try a group class for fun if nothing else - you’re sure to gain some new friends, and along the way you might find an affinity for the language of dance!




For those of you who place themselves in the “two left feet category” don’t despair – you CAN learn! Private lessons are the best way to learn the details and mechanics behind the ‘secrets’ of what make two people flow together well on the floor. There is much to be gained from one on one instruction as men learn how to lead, and women learn how to follow. Mastering the frame, connection, proper footwork and execution of each individual role is what will grow a couple or individual into a great dancer.
Private lessons can be taken with a partner or individually and whether you’re a couple or not, dance will yield awesome results! We have watched couples grow together from working towards developing a new “together” skill, and singles grow in confidence and excitement as they find a new activity and skill to engage with others in.



One of our favorite things to provide at Step by Step is the opportunity for you to put together and schedule your own group, that way all of you “two left feeters” already know one another and that makes for a ton of fun. We teach youth groups, college groups, doctors and nurses groups, school teacher groups, kids, families, wedding parties, co-workers…. The list goes on. If you have a group of your own that wants to get together and learn a particular thing, then call us and we will have you all dancing, laughing and having fun in no time!